Week Six

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We went on a trip with Alex around Cromwell checking out his new property. I learnt that the lay of the land can greatly effect the effect that frost has on crop. Sloping towards the sun is the best, this means the cold air can run off the land and not pool on the vineyard and cause a frost.

The Grape Harvest. In groups we went bay by bay took the Pinot Gris grapes of the vines. I can happily tell all of you that the snips are VERY SHARP, the thumb is all good now though. It’s attached and in working condition, should ask Wayne to put a large flourecent warning label on each pair. Guess i can’t complain too much i was my own stupidity that made it happen.

Cricket. India Vs. New Zealand. From where were all sitting on the back of Trevors ute the game seemed to Never understood the game of cricket some somebody eles can infom you on the details.
The music played by Sabastian was pretty impressive though. I’m not a big fan of sport but I do love music.
Weather was fine with a clear sky.


Week Five

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Cabbage Tree
Went to Bendigo to collect seeds for planting.
When we got back everyone teamed up and sorted out the seeds they had collected.
I sorted out the Cabbage Tree seeds.
On Tuesay Alex took us for a lesson on frost. After lunch we went out to Bannockburn to see the frost fighting in action.
The burners were rather impressive with the amount of heat they get out to the surrouding area, but due to the global warming crisis the diesel burners have been fazed out. Just a thought, but people should clearly label what is in the fuel containers. Getting diesel mixed up with petrol wasn’t too funny for Alex.

Week Four

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Sowed the hydroponic seeds, which included silver beet, spring onions and broccoli.
Worked with Prasanth planting seeds for the mist beds.
Learnt about semi hardwood cuttings.

Day1 Week 3

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Thinned out the seeds we planted on the 19 of february.  They have been on the heat bed and growing well. thinned chives lettuce brocolli.

Learnt about Sexual and Asexual propogation, taking cutting and planting seeds. heard about tissue culture and grafting.  

Hydroponics its up and going turned on the gulleys and adjusted the nutrient flow to 1.5 litres per minute per gulley. cleaned out gulley tubes that were blocked up.  38 Degrees in the glass house.

Week 2

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Monday:  In the computer room setting up our blogs. Will update it each night at home.  

Tuesday: Went out to Bannockburn to learn about safety and look for hazards around the orchard. Learnt a little more about tractors. Learnt never to get into a tractor on the right side. Looked at fruit trees going and the way the vines grow and stuff like that.

Week 1

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Monday: We had a relaxed start with a meet and greet at the restaurant.

Tuesday: We sat in room 4 and listened to people talk  about safety in the workplace.

Wednesday: Wednesday we went out walking and learnt where the trees and shrubs were in Cromwell that we are meant to collects for the 1670 Specimen Collection. When we finished that we went out to Bannockburn to have the formal Maori welcome. For lunch we had a hungi.

Thursday: Thursday we were in the nursery planting seeds getting them ready to be put in the tunnel house. Put the seeds in a mix of 1 third pumice 2 thirds vermiculite.We planted  chives, parsley,  spring onions, dill,  lettuces, watercress, pak choi and a few others.